Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cowes Week: second this year

With many of last year's crew returning, and ever-patient Brian Thompson agreeing once again to suffer fools gladly, hopes were high that we might repeat our 2010 win in the Farr 65 class.

It was not to be.  In blustery, rainy conditions, we took an early second place and then just watched as the leading yacht pulled inexorably away.

That b***** boat in first place just wouldn't slow down for us.....
Following a slight miscommunication between Mr Thompson and our tactician (me), we then allowed ourselves to slip back into the clutches of the following boat, but we clung on to cross the line still in second.

Thompson and the fraud
For me, the result notwithstanding, the experience was interesting as it was my first time acting as nav/tac at Cowes Week.  Very different to the RTI, with everything happening much more quickly...and you really need to know your Winning Tides.

iPad screen cap showing the marks and our track today