Friday, March 09, 2012

Delivery Trip

I got my first sail in early this year - helping a friend deliver his new (to him) Beneteau 21 from Birdham Pool, Chichester to her new home in Lymington.

The day before - Birdham Pool

The day before had been unseasonably warm and sunny, but on the day of the trip the weather reverted to type and we spent 30 of the 35 miles beating to windward in wind-over-tide conditions.

It was a wet and cold crew (age of youngest: 50) that staggered arthritically off the yacht at her destination and thawed out in front of a welcome log fire at the Mayflower in Lymington.  Nice little boat, though, and very fast :-)

Conditions:   Overcast, occasional rain, WSW F4-5
Sea state: Moderate
Distance covered (GPS over ground): 35.5 NM